Ordering alcohol

Instacart delivers alcohol for select retailers and markets. You can check availability in your area with the Instacart app or website.

Some legal restrictions apply to alcohol orders, including—

  • Customers must be older than 18 (Alberta) or 19 (Ontario) to order alcohol items.
  • Recipients must provide a valid form of ID at delivery.
  • We can’t add alcohol special requests.
  • If an alcohol item is out of stock, your shopper contacts you for replacement approval. If the shopper doesn’t get approval, they refund the items. 
  • Shoppers can only add alcohol to replace other alcoholic items.
  • Shoppers can’t replace non-alcoholic items with alcoholic items. 

Alcohol delivery

We don't deliver alcohol to retail businesses (ex. grocery stores, gas stations, etc.), restaurants, or college campuses. We deliver alcohol to non-retail businesses.

Shoppers must deliver to recipients of legal age (18 in Alberta, 19 in Ontario). Shoppers are legally obligated to verify your age and scan the front and/or back of your ID when they deliver. Recipients must sign for the delivery.

In some cases, the shopper can also enter your information manually. Shoppers’ personal devices never store your information. 

Special restrictions include—

  • Some retailers (i.e., Costco) don’t accept manual ID entry.
  • Instacart shoppers can’t deliver alcohol to visibly intoxicated persons or leave alcohol unattended.
  • Instacart shoppers can’t deliver alcohol if the customer doesn’t meet all delivery requirements. 
    • In these cases, the shopper refunds the alcohol and returns it to the store. 
    • You may still be charged delivery fees, bottle deposit fees, or the tip.

Damaged alcohol items

Instacart provides a credit, refund, or redelivery if shoppers damage alcohol items due to—

  • Shattered or cracked glass
  • Broken seal
  • Missing or tampered label
  • Poor bagging leading to damaged item(s)

Please contact Instacart Customer Experience if your alcohol items are damaged.

Valid forms of identification (ID)

Instacart accepts these valid forms of ID for alcohol deliveries—

  • Provincial ID card or driver’s license
  • Minister of Justice and Public Safety-issued ID card
  • Canadian military ID
  • Canadian passport